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(last updated June 1998)

 HA! Just when you thought I'd never update this page, I slip in two more pictures... pretty sneaky, huh? Well, OK. It *is* only two more pictures. And one clearly needs more cleanup. But at least they're recent! Er. I can't find an entire roll of pictures from late last (97) season. Grr. Anyhow, here are two shots of li'l ol' me. Both were taken at Southern aka RPFS in 1997. Um. Enjoy. Or something.

 Kalani in Celtic garb Kalani in peasant garb

My friend, Elizabeth, and I at Crossroads Palm Springs 1997. I'm in my spiffy new Scottish garb: Great kilt (10 yards!) and leine (handsewn by Elizabeth).

 Kalani and Elizabeth in Celtic garb 

Did I mention that Elizabeth plays the harp? If you're really lucky, you might catch her playing in the RPFS guild yard of St. Ives or St. Cuthbert's.

 Elizabeth Plays Harp 

Bethany smokes a customers tip (really!) at the New York Renaissance Festival:

Bethany is sssssssmokin!

Royal procession heads towards the joust at the Colorado Ren Faire (1993):

Nice costumes...

Lady Joyce and hubby show off the costumes she made for 1992 at the New York Renaissance Festival:

Seamstress extraordinaire... 

Lady Joyce and hubby show off the new costumes she made for 1994 at the New York Renaissance Festival:

Seamstress extraordinaire... plus! 

One cool thing they had at the New York Renaissance Festival is the Living Chess Game, which ties in the in-fighting amongst the nobility and culminates in a joust after the insult of the below melee:

Living Chess is cool... 

I would be heartily remiss if I didn't include something about Pam and Gary Taylor, proprietors of Bullyeye Bota Bags (Finest wineskins you can buy. Period). Even though I don't work for them anymore (I teach juggling), they will always have a special place in heart as my first Faire employers:

Bullseye Botas are the best 

RPFS has the best Ale Jam in the country, shown here being whipped into a frenzy by the Ale Jam Master himself, Rene, and kept from boiling over by the lovely water girls:


The Ale Jam is held around the May Pole, with the practitioners whirling frenetically around the May Pole:


RPFS also has many incredible battles, such as this one between the celts and the German mercenaries:

The costumed nobility at RPFS is a sight to behold:


Hopefully, the Queen (shown here in procession) wears the finest clothing of all the nobles:


And many fine plays and performances are put on every day at Faire:


Naturally there is any manner of silliness at any Faire. Smaller ones, such as San Louis Obispo/Central Valley Faire here, get away with more liberties than they might at RPFS, funny though it may be:


Faire Thee Well!

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