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Kalani's Renaissance Faire Page

The SCRIBE Network Home Page Scribe

SCRIBE List of Events

The Directorie of Renaissance Faires

Kalani's 2001 List of California Renaissance FairesUpdated

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Renaissance Entertainment Corp Faires Page:

Living History Centre Home Page (Dead link... up for sentimental reasons)

International Renaissance Festivals, Ltd.

Mid-America Festivals: Renaissance Festivals

As You Like It Productions

California-Vicinity Faires:

The Calavares Celtic Fair

Crossroads Renaissance Information Center

Crossroads: London Bridge Faire at Lake Havasu

Crossroads European Renaissance Festival at Corona

Crossroads: Palm Springs Renaissance Festival

Dragonvale Carnivale (Official Site)

Dragonvale Faire 1996

Folsom Tournament & Renaissance FayreNew

Hanford Renaissance of Kings Cultural Arts Faire

Kearney Park Renaissance Faire

Modesto Central Valley Renaissance Festival

Northwoods Renaissance Festival

San Louis Obispo Central Coast Renaissance Festival

Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire Page (Unofficial)

Tulare Renaissance Faire & Marketplace

Valhalla Renaissance Festival at Lake Tahoe

Willits Celtic FaireUpdated

Non-California Faires

Arizona Renaissance Faire

EMOL: Arizona Renaissance Festival Home Page

Carolina Renaissance Festival

Colorado Renaissance Festival

The Olde World Renaissance Festival of Connecticut

Four Winds Renaissance FaireUpdated

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Hawkwood Fantasy Faire Home Page (Texas)

Herstmonceux Castle Medieval Festival

Maine Renaissance Faire

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

NJ Renaissance Festival & Kingdom (Somerset)

North Carolina Renaissance Faire

Northwest Renaissance Festival (Spokane, WA)New

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire (Oregon)

St. Louis Renaissance Faire at Wentzville

Sterling, N.Y. Renaissance Festival

Tennessee Renaissance Festival Information

Texas Renaissance Festival

Turku, Finland: Medieval Market on the Great Old Square

UnderHill Village Productions

Vermont Renaissance Festival

Vizcaya Italian Renaissance Festival

West Windsor Lions Renaissance Faire (NJ)

Withrow Renaissance Festival and A.C.A. Crossbow Tournament

WHIDC The Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park (Cloisters)

Wybreg Village and Renaissance Foundation

Organizations and Companies

Recreating History Home Page

History Revisited

Fantasy And Legends Organization

English Renaissance Reenactment Home Page

Noble Cause Productions

RenCon: Rensaissance World Conference - The Premier Tradeshow for Historical Re-Enactors

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The Gods and Goddesses of alt.fairs.renaissance

California Renaissance Faire North: Guilds

Ren Faire: RPFI: Guilds

California Independent Renaissance Guilds Association (CIRGA)

Friends of Faire

Big Faire Guilds

The Guild of St. Cuthbert (RPFS+N Parades and Pageants)

The Guild of St. Cuthbert (unofficial site)

St. Cuthbert's Drummers Home Page

Clan MacColin of Glenderry (RPFS Scots)

Guild of St. George (RPFS+N Nobles)

Guild of St. Michael (RPFS Military)

Saint Helena's Song and Dance Page

St. Helena's Underground (RPFN Peasants)

Town Criers

The Mighty Guilde O' Sainte Dymphna (formerly RPFS Sea Dogs)

Fahnlein Kriegshunde (RPFS Germans)

The Cardiff Rose Theatrical Fencing SchoolNew

Anthony's Cardiff Rose Fencing Academy Page

Little Jack's Cardiff Rose Page

The Guilde of St. Ives - Bristol's Revellers

The Fake 1500s - Bristol's Revellers

La Compagnia della Italiani (RPFS Italians)

The Yeomen of the Guard

Danse Macabre Dance of Death

Reveller's Guilde

The Ohio Renaissance Festival Washer Wenches

Tim's World: The Merry Mischief Mummers of Shrewsbury

Kumpania Wispersteppe - The Gypsies of Scarborough Faire

RPFS Gardening Society

Small Faire and Unofficial Guilds

The International Wenches Guild

Wenches Guild Pins

Rogues' Guild: The International Brotherhood of Rogues Scoundrels and Cads

Rogues' Guild Pins

The Sarcasticlan

The Bardic Realm: Home of the Bard's Guild

St. Christina the Astonishing (CA Small Faire Puritans)

The Peasant GuildNew

Travellers Union Home

Order of Dionysus

The Biggins FamilyUpdated

Braids for Maids: Guild of St. RapunzelNew

St. Matthew's Guild of Historical PerformersNew

Guild of St. Denis Homepage

St. Arnold - The Brewer's Guild

The Sovereign Rose Constabulary

Vrijbuit S. ..ing Company Home Page

St. Elizabeth's Guild Home Page

St. Andrew's Noble Order of Royal Scots

St. Murphy's Troupe

The Clan Dummunhull Gypsy Troupe

Military Order of Saint Boniface

Keine Gelt, Keiner Landsknechte

Das TeufelsAlpdrücken Fähnleîn (The Devils' Nightmare Regiment)

The Guild of St. Maximilian's - Todesengel Fähnlein (new site)

The Guild of St. Maximilian's (old site)

Barleycorn Country DancersUpdated

Merri Pryanksters - English Country Dance

Clann Fraser Page

Historical Friends of Clan MacLeod Home Page

The Fenians: Campa na bhFiann (Irish Reenactment Guild)

Septs of Leix Homepage

Clann Tartan

Scots Wha Hae - The Regiment of Scarborough Faire

Guild of Clan Fergus

Clan MacDobhran Home Page

Clan MacGowan

St. Kennoch's Information

Knights of Trinity - Medieval and Renaissance Reenactment

Seattle Knights Medieval Combat

The Grey Company - Histocial Reenactment in Australia

The Corsairs Home Page

Corsairs of the Shanghai Moon

Corante Online: Fellowship of St. Christopher's Renaissance reenactment guild

Royal Order of the Silver Otter

Compagnia degli Arceri del Fiore d'Argento - Silver Flower Bowyers Company

Compagnia de' Malipiero - swordfighting historical research and instruction

Looped Home Page

Wizards Guild Home Page

Archery (RPFS/N's Archery Booth)

The Teahouse of the Mullah Nasrudin's Donkey

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog (well *I* thought it was funny...)

Academy of Saint Gabriel (Researchers of medieval names and coats of arms)

Worshipful Company of Bakers

The International Internet Leathercrafter's Guild

Troupes, Companies, Shows and Acts:

Sound & Fury (formerly Ye Nonesuche Players)

Dogs In DoubletsUpdated

The Poxy BoggardsNew

Stark Ravens Historical PlayersNew

The Tortuga Twins

New Riders of the Golden Age Jousting Company

The Tudor Tarts

Wicked Tinkers - Scottish Bagpipes & Drums

The Guild of Renaissance Performers Webring

The Flaming Idiots

Phil Johnson aka MooNie the Magnif'CentUpdated

TaskMaskers: Teatro di Pecorino Romano

The Minstrels Of Mayhem (AHEM!)

The Merry Misfits of DoomUpdated

The Doomettes: Official Groupies of the Merry Misfits

The Rogues of Scotland


Emrys Fleet, the Rat Man: Ratmandu

Woodsmen Rat Maze RacesNew

Puke & Snot's Home Page

Zucchini Brothers Home Page

Flying Fish Sailors

Brollywacker Music Home Page

The Bedlam Boys!

The Pyrates Royale!

Cat Taylor's Fiddler's FancyUpdated

The Jolly Rogers!


The Lies of Brian - Amazing Trickery & Honest Deceit

Molly & the Tinker

The Minstrels Of Mayhem

Women of Whimsey

Albion - Live Action Chess Game

Pulanami Puppets - The World's Most Dangerous Puppet Troupe!

Piccolo Puppet Players: Authentic Punch and Judy Puppet ShowsNew

Hahbi 'Ru - Folkloric Middle Eastern Dance

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Personal Home Pages
General Faire Information Pages
Fun Stuff

Kalani's Renaissance Faire Page

Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure and KnowledgeUpdated

The Renaissance Faire Junkie

Banshee's Renaissance Faire Homepage

Blars' Renaissance Faire Page

Nickolas Stephens, Macphile...a/k/a PiranhaDog


The Concrete Forest: Home Of The Bronx Elf


Snipe.Net: Home of the Red Haired Snipe

LCLacemker's Home Page

Lady Druantia's Abode

The Emerald Dragon's Renaissance

DragonChylde (Julie Karasik)

Joatmon's Renaissance Faire Pictures

The Renaissance Woman

CatheB: InterNut Comedienne

Bugworld: Crickett's Home PageNew

Shadowsrealm Renaissance Pages

Lessa da Polegirl's Trailer Park

Wenches of the Featherstone Woods

The Lyon's Den: Home of the Lyonesse

BardHaven: Airawyn's Home

Ryleh's Renaissance World

Leannean & Brianna's renfest daze

Bob Clevenger's Pages

Caisteal de MacLabhran

Caille's Renaissance Pages

Vicky Rowe's Home Page

Morghana's Web

Aris' Glen

Lyle's Inner Sanctum

Misty's Home Page

Starr's Home Page

Robyn's Roost

Clopin's Days of Faire

White Dragon's Renaissance Links

Liz' Renaissance Faire Page

Renaissance Festivals... or Ren Faires

Are you a RenRat?

Danicia's Renaissance World

Shaggy's Faire and RPG Page

Anachronistically Correct - Lady Peldyn's Home Page

Emrys Fleet: Ratcatcher

CyberKender's Home PageUpdated

The Green: Michael Burkard's Pages

The Green: Rat Puck (tm)

Lisa Salim's Corner of the World

Euphonius Drift the TuneSmythe

SDJThorin's Faire Page

Steven Attwood of wemyss

Lady Rapture's Ren Faire Page

My big Ren. Faire Adventure

Olde Hippie's Renaissance Links and Info...

Home of the Violet Tigress

GypsySpice's Domain

Wolf n'Moose Home PageUpdated

The Kingdom of the OtterUpdated

Redneck Goddess's Trailer Park

Fireblade's Home Page

The Hill People Renaissance Faire Site

Camp Boner

Dawntreader's Domain

Don Alberto's Faire!

Billz Ren Faire Stuff

Hphoto Consultants: Ren Faire Photos

Entry Portal: Bester's Page

Tyma the Jester

Angi's Renaissance Faire Page

Karen Scott's Minnesota RenFaire Page

Gwyneth of Avalon

Billy Gillette's Renaissance Pleasure Page

Huzzah Homepage

Identification, Feeding, and Care of the Midwestern Rennie

Rosalily's RenFest Regalia

Celtic Graphic's Faire Photo Pages

Matt Adams' World

The Spookie Zone: RenFaire

LordBear's CyberLair

The Kaos Laboratories Homepage


Renaissance Faire (General Faire Info, mostly So. California)

AFR @ CA Faires!

AFR Invasion- Destination: RPFS

WebRing of Renaissance Pictures

At The Faire: Renaissance Photo ArchivesUpdated

Alt.Fairs.Renaissance Bio Ring

Ren Faire: What Is Faire?

Ren Faire: RPFI History

A Compendium of Common Knowledge

Our Living History: A Home for UK Living History Re-EnactorsNew

Working at a Ren Faire (RPFI events)

Ren Faire: Elizabethan Accents

Learn How To Speak For RenFaires!

Maryland Renfest Withdrawal Syndrome

Medieval Musicians: The Bard's Rest -Ver 2.1-

Rules to Period Games

The Jester Pages: More information about fools than you ever wanted...


No Quarter Given - info re pirates, privateers & nautical history

Ye Olde Booke O' Seadogs - historical and technical info for 16th cent. seafaring characters

The Rowan Tree

Steve's Faire Page (East Coast)

Virtual Renaissance Fest

RenFaire Gallery

All Medieval "The Page"

Reconstructing History

Historical Armed Combat Association

Alliance Combat Arts Homepage

Fencing & Swords - Medieval History Net Links

Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History 950-1066AD

Italian Renaissance

1996/97 Arthurian Magazine:The Regent's Welcome

That Medieval Thing: Welcome to Our Castle

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage

Medieval/Renaissance Wedding Information

The Middle Ages Trust Event Locator

The Unofficial Far Isles Medieval Society Beginner's Guide

Legends - Swashbucklers & Fops: Period Swordplay Information

Renaissance, The Elizabethan World

Brett Ryan's Renaissance Resource Pages



Getting Involved at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire (v.1.3)

Being a "Performer" at RPFN/S -- more information (v.1.2)

Costumes for the REC Renaissance Pleasure Faires v.1.1

Guilds and Troupes at RPFN v.1.0

FAQ Renaissance Faires (v.1.2)

A Renaissance Faire Glossary (v.1.1)

FAQ - Costuming for Renaissance Faires (v.1.1)

Meet And Greet (v.1.0)

So You Want to Work The Faire? (v.1.1)

Alt.Fairs.Renaissance Frequently Asked Questions

The Medieval And Renaissance Theme Wedding FAQ

Medieval & Renaissance Theme Wedding FAQ: List of Research Movies

Fun Stuff:

Renaissance Faire Purity Test

Ren Faire: Top-10 Privy Problems

The Secret Rat Page

Taxonomy of a Turkey

Miss Zelda: Advice Column for the Medievally-Challenged

Elizabethan Queen Barbie

Early Tudor Barbie (tm)

Personalized Insults

JavaScript Form-based CurseMonger

Pyrate food

Tammy's Story from Faire

The Dialectizer

Shakespeare's Diary

Mutton Bone

The Black Book of Locksley - A Compendium of Lyrics, Stories, Jokes, Japes and Jests for Historical Re-Enactment Groups

(Back to Top) Fyne Shoppes in CyberSpayce


Fellowship Foundry: Home Page

Strapwell LeatherNew

Renaissance Magazine - medieval and renaissance publication


Scriptorium Home Page

SingleTree Celtic Renaissance Flasks, Jewelry & Hair SpiralsNew

Turkish puzzle rings by Norman Greene

Perfumed Dragon - fragrance oils, essentials, solids, incenses and resins

Wise Weeds - Herbs, Aromatherapy and Earth-based Healing

Avalon Soapworks - Handcrafted soaps and bath products

Cindy Renfrow: Books on ancient and medieval cooking and brewingNew

The Sleeping Dragon Company

The Elven Shelf Medieval BookstoreUpdated

Renaissance Crossroads - Faire Merchandise

Hand Painted Eggs by Guillian

Medieval Pavilion Resources

Tentsmiths Home Page

Panther Pavilions

Early Outfitters

Jekyl the HidesmithNew

Lark In The Morning: World Musical Instruments

Cooperman Fife & Drum Company

Argent Fox Music - quality harps for historical reenactors

Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe

Sylvia Woods Harp Center

Musicmaker's Kits, Inc.

Renaissance Trumpets

Hobgoblin- Stoney End (folk music, instruments, books, and recordings)

Tayberry Music - Celtic Music

Elderly Instruments - Used Instruments

Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe

Song of the Sea - Bagpipes, Harps and Dulcimers

The Whistle Shop - Whistles and Celtic Music

Kintail - Master Bagpipe Maker and Highland Dress

Ancestral Instruments by David Marshall - Early Bagpipes & Mediaeval Fiddles

Folk Notes Folk Instruments and Music

House of Musical Traditions

Hobgoblin Music International Index

Firebird Catalog Index

Greyheart Enterprises - Wood Products

Turning Point Woodworks custom woodturning (fine wooden drinking goblets, steins and more)

Martin Wood Works

Philip Tuley's Renaissance Designs - wood products

Dan the Master Joyner - Hand Crafted Furniture and Wooden Treasures

Mike Gallagher's Wooden Gifts & UtensilsNew

Ye Dragon and Unicorn - Leather Mugs

d'Vyne Wrytes - Handbound leather books

Nargile and Pipes: Period Pipes

Stuffe & Nonsense

Sword in the Stone Crafts: artisans and merchants of fine leathergoods, brass rubbings, etc.New

MacGregor Historic Games / Rose & Pentagram Design

Great Hall Games and Distractions

Huzzah! Game Info

Alchemists Closet

Renaissance Crafters - where the Renaissance Age meets the 21st century

Coggeshall Artistry - Hand painted artwork

Dragonfly Design Studio

Christine A. Freelin - Jewelry Designer

Carl Lemke: Unique Jewelry, Signet Rings, Seals and crowns

Parrish Relics - Handcrafted Amulets and Body Ornaments (Jewelry)

Postgate Fine Jewelry: Celtic JewelryNew

Reflective Images - Helen Chantler's Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Stuff

Celtic Treasures

The Crafty Celts - Fine Celtic Jewelry

Dragonspawn Crafthall Jewelry and Sculpture

Dragon Realm Studios - Poseable Dragon Miniatures

Dark Rose Creations

Feathers from Zucker Feather Products, California MO USA

Gnarlies by Sandy Dale

Faeriewood: Hand Sculpted Polymer clay faeries and Fantasy PhotographyNew

GermanMart - beer steins, etc.

Celtic Rose - Celtic Jewelry and Pewterware

Yarak Creative Enterprises - Fine Art Prints: Raptor and Animal Art

Silver Spider Designs

Historic Enterprises

Goddess Stencils Celtic Collection

Scottish Lion Import Shop

GaelSong: Irish and Scottish merchandise

General Bead - Wholesale beads and beading supplies

Rhinestone Guy Online Catalog

Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas

Wholesale Sterling - Wholesale Sterling and pewter products for resalers only

Fiona's Faerie Cottage - Faerie products and jewelry

Levenger-Tools for Serious Readers


Absolutely Fabulous
Components, cloth, boning, etc.
General Clothing
Costume Research/Reference
Do it Yourself!

Absolutely Fabulous:

The Original Dye Spot

Hearts Delight Renaissance Clothing

Travel Clothing by Half Moon

Pendragon Costumes

Dream Shoes Bald Mountain leather

Components, cloth, boning, etc.:

The AlterYears Store: For the Costumer

Green Duck Designs


DawnPages - Textiles

Grannd Garb - Historic Clothing Supply Company (supplies for costuming and corset making)

Felix Needleworthy Renaissance Buttons, Trims, Fabrics and Notions

Calontir Trim - Fabric Trims of All Types

Fastener Supply Co.: Eyelets, grommets, rivets, etc.

Nancy's Notions: Sewing supplies (also see Celtic Design section)New

Jamin' Leather Online Catalog

Leathercrafters Corner

Leathernet WorldWide

Buckskin Fur and Leather Co.

The Leather Factory

Tandy Leather Home Page

Hide Crafter Leathercraft -- On-Line Catalog

Moscow Hide and Fur

Buckskin Fur and Leather CoNew

Brettun's Village LeatherNew

My Leather Craft.com

C.S. Osbourne Company Leather Working Tools

Swan & Lion Sutlery


Steve's Bald Mountain Info Page

Dream Shoes Bald Mountain leather moccasins

Catskill Mountain MoccasinsNew

Nativearth Custom Foot Wear

SodHoppers Home Page

Renaissance Shoes by Cardo's

Shoes by Son of Sandlar, Inc.

Minnetonka Moccasins by Mail: Renaissance BootsUpdated

Taos Moccasins

William Morris' Costume Design Page: FootwearUpdated


Footwear of the Middle Ages HomepageUpdated

Sunstrider Rope Sandals

General Clothing:

Round Two Costumes

AFR Costume Sales List

Peldyn & Gwyneth's Garb: Medieval & Renaissance Clothing

Lady and the Fool Renaissance Clothing

Knightly Endeavors Costuming

Solstice Cloaks, Cowls & Hats

SeamLyne (re)Productions: Historic Clothing by William MorrisNew

Center Stage CostumesNew

Stitches From TymeNew

Hatcrafters Home Page

Lynn McMasters - Fine Upper-Class Elizabethan Costumes

The Needle fairy

The House of Dra Costumes & Custom Clothing

MoiRandall's Web Catalog


Axfords: Home Page and Corset Catalogue

Wild & Free - Corsets, lingerie and intimate accessories

Dragon Wings Renaissance Era Costume Accessories & Fairytale Dolls and Marionettes

Anahysia's Tyme Portal

Fairy Fashion Wedding GownsNew

Black Swan Designs

Unicorn Limited's Home Page

The NERO Emporium

Chivalry Sports Renaissance

The Purple Unicorn Home Page

Lavolta Press: Books on Historic Costuming

Doll's Ren costume Page

Merlyn Custom Costumers...Catch the Magic!

Lady Victoria's Castle Closet: Custom-made Period Clothing and Costumes

Age of Chivalry

A Wardrobe in Time

Lady MacSnood- Hand made Snoods for the Reenactor

Multi-Media Artisans - Blacksmithing and Magic Myst Clothing

Faire Pair Tights and Such

Renaissance Dancewear - Expert Custom Tights and Dancewear for performers and reenactors

Seams Like A Dream

Designs by Kate Renaissancewear

Cailin's Realm of Creation - Costume Maker

The Pillaged Village

Selah's Costume Page

The Lazy Dragon - Historical Costuming and Accoutrements

Camelot Creations

Auras Custom Clothing

Howdy to Your Face: Quality Tourney Wear and Fine Fabrics

Drachenstein Treasures

Moonstruck Originals

Gypsy Moon

Distant Caravans: Period Eastern Wares

Medieval Outfitters

Dharma Trading Co.

Our Tribe: Ethnographic Jewelry and Textiles

Costume Research/Reference:

REC Costuming Guide

Milieux: The Costume Site

The Costume Page

Historic Costume Research

The History of Costume - Index #15

Le Poulet Gauche

Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery Homepage

The Elizabethan Blackwork Embroidery Archives

Some Clothing of the Middle Ages

Threads- The sewing, tailoring and clothes construction magazine.

Costumer's Guild West


Morghana's Costume Resources

Clothing and Costume Links

The Tangled Web: Garb

The Compleat Corset Page

Custom Corset Pattern Generator

Elizabethan Costuming Homepage

Putting on an Elizabethan Outfit

A Brief History of Hosiery by Renaissance Dancewear

The Costume Page - Reference Works & Museums

International Costumers Guild Home Page

Fantasy clothing

Elizabethan Clothing

German Resources:

German Gown - 1503

Gerry and Julie's Landsknecht and Costume Site

German Women's Costume Guidelines

The Real Landsknechte

Patterns for 16th century Men's Costume from Germany

Landsknecht.org (swedish site, but see the gallery)

Viking Resources:

Archaeological Guide to Viking Men's Clothing

Bibliography of Sources for the Construction of Viking Garments

Norse Costume Bibliography

Viking Resources for the Re-enactor

Viking Tunic Construction

Viking Embroidery

Simple Tunic and Pants

Russian Male costume

What did Viking women wear?

But That's How They Look in the Book!: Viking Women's Garb in Art and Archaeology

A Quick and Dirty Look at Viking Women's Garb in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries

Viking Answer Lady's page

Do it Yourself!

Rakshanda's No Hem Circle Skirt

Cloak Making Guide

Costumes: Circle Cape

Tempus Peregrinator's Cloak Site

Ye Auld Garb Monger's Costumes for Manly Men

The Auld Garb Monger's Free Projects!

Pattern for Scottish Ghillies

Costume Design: Footwear

Lara's Duct-Tape Bodice Pattern

Beautiful Netting - How to make it

Costume DesignPage

Anna's Crafts Links Page

Costume Making and Embroidery

Netting for Hairnets (Snoods!)

The Garb Bag: All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

DawnPages - Costumes

The D.I.Y. Guide to LRP.

Make Your Own Pan Horns!New

Simplicity Patterns
(Warning: Use these as a base pattern for altering, but please do not make the mistake of thinking they're period without substantial modifications):

SDJThorin's AFR Garb Pattern Help Page

Simplicity 7382 - Egyptian and Roman garb

Simplicity 7438 - Capes and wraps (cloak)

Simplicity 7756 - "Lovely Lady or Fair Maiden"

Simplicity 7761 - "Wealthy Merchant or Humble Craftsman"

Simplicity 7781 - Women's Capes and wraps (cloak)

Simplicity 8108 - Roman, Greek and Arabic robes

Simplicity 8192 - "Misses' Costume"

Simplicity 8274 - Costumes with capes, robes, tunics and headpieces (cheesy but adaptable)

Simplicity 8284 - Pyrates, Priests, Genies, Witches (cheese alert)

Simplicity 8286 - "Medieval Costumes" (and Jesters)

Simplicity 8311 - Wizard, Arab, Egytptian, etc. (cheese alert)

Simplicity 8587 - "Beggars, serfs and knaves"

Simplicity 8615 - Men's ruffle shirt

Simplicity Renaissance Costumes (8192, 7756, 7761)


Lundegaard Armoury Hovel Page

Salamander Armoury (Jim Hrisoulas aka Steel God! -ed)

Starfire Swords

Sword and Stone

Mayhawke Armory

Toledo Swords: Hand crafted swords, knife, highlander swords, renaissance and medieval weapons

Museum Replicas Limited

Capricorn Cutlery - Swords, Dagger & Weapons of the Ages

Knife Outlet

Ragnar's Ragweed Forge: knives, ironwork, Viking and Celtic jewelryNew

Angel Sword, Inc.

Omega Artworks

Ye Silver Castle Blades of Nobility

Highland Steele Swords

Maspien Armours

Leather Dreams - Fantasy Leather armour and clothing

By The Sword - Reproductions for the Reenactor and Collector

Arms of Valor, Ltd. - Swords, Armour, Axes, Shields, Katanas, and More

Dragon's Hoard Armory

Dragon Fire Armoury

St. Michael's Emporium (Gothic Armor, Garb, etc.)

LaForge Renaissance and Medieval weaponry

Swords by Del Tin

The Enchanted Cottage Armory

Licata Custom Knives & Armor

Collector's Armoury

Welcome to M.A.S. weapons

Dragons Watch - fine edged weapons

The Grey Company Trebuchet page

Trebuchet construction plans

Armouries.com - Renaissance Medieval and Fantasy Resources

Arms & Armor

The Armour Archive

Arador Armour Library

Sword Forum International - The Art, Forging, Collecting, and Practitionary Use of Swords of Various Cultures and Time Periods

The Strong Collection of Medieval Spurs

The Forgery's Home Page

Gopstein's Militaria & Gunbook Site - Edged Weapons, Military Items, Old books

MacBraveheart - Castle Arms & Kilt Accessories

Graymane Leather

Multi-Media Artisans - Blacksmithing and Magic Myst Clothing

Hand Gonnes and Accessories from Irish Musket Locke Co. our Medieval line

Purpleheart Armoury - Wooden Sword Wasters and Weaponry

American Fencers Supply

Blade Fencing Online

Triplette Competition Arms

Chainmail resources:

Chainmail by John

Sara's Chainmail Connection

Chainmail & More - Gothic jewelry, alternative fetish fashions and renfaire accessories

Rosco Inc. - Bulk Split Rings, Butt Rings (Chainmail Supplies)

Dark Rose Creations

Willliam's Chainmail Page

The New Colluphid Armoury

Miron's Mail Manufactory

ChainMaille Fashions and Jane's Carved Coin Jewelry

Kate Cox Designs - Female Chainmail

Rings & Things - Wholesale Jewelry Supplies, Rings, Beads, Crystal, Cord, Charms

(Back to Top) Celtic Resources

Tartans, Kilts, and other clothes


Celtic music on the Internet

Ceolas celtic music archive

Dirty Linen #67

Harp.net - Traditional Irish Harp site

Traditional Scottish Tunes in Midi Format

Some Irish Ballads

Traditional Irish Songs

The Guinness Fleadh


Irish and Celtic thingies

Celtic Thistle Awards

The CelticLady's Celtic Art, Fonts & Fine Celtic Jewelry

Celtic One DesignUpdated

Things Scottish

The Wallace Claymore

William Wallace - Sword

The Celtic Knot - Artist Blacksmith and webpage design studio

Things Celtic Home Page

Everything Celtic

Kintail - Master Bagpipe Maker and Highland Dress

Celtic Fire, Inc. - Celtic musical instruments and resources


Celtic Web Art


Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust

ACGA-An Comunn Gaidhealach - America


Rampant Scotland Index

Celtic Cultures

A Consideration Of Pictish Names

References for Celtic Knotwork and Related Arts

Caille's Celtic Knotwork Info

Slainte! Toasts, Blessings, and Sayings

Gaelic-English Dictionary

Online Gaelic lessons

Gaelic Homepage

The Book of Kells

The Book of Kells

Medieval Scotland

Skyelander's Scottish & Medieval History WebSite

The Grace O'Malley - Granuaile O'Malley Page

Essential Scotland - Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year

U.S. SCOTS Magazine

U.S. SCOTS Online Web Guide

Clan MacLachlan Worldwide and United Regiment of MacLachlans and MacLeans

Celtic Reconstruction Northern California - Essays, Links and References for exploring Celtic Reconstruction in Northern California and beyond

A (much) smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland

Sharon L. Krossa, Historian

New College of California Irish Studies

Tartans, Kilts, and other clothes:

Kalani's Kilt Pleating 101

On-line tartans

Kilts and More

Great Scot - Scottish kilts, tartans, and more

Braveheart Kilt

William MacIntosh & Co. (Scottish kiltmaker)

Dressed to Kilt

The making of a kilt

So Your Going to Wear the Kilt - Purchase the main SCA publication!

Tartans in GIF Format

How to Wrap a Great Kilt

The Quick and Dirty "Great Kilt"

Easy Greatkilt

Belted plaid demo

Rialto Archive: Clothing of Scotland. Folding of kilts.

Tartans of Scotland - Scottish Tartan ... the Register of All Publicly Known Tartans

Wrapping and Wearing The Great Kilt

Scottish Clothing, ca. 1100-1600 C.E.

Clothing of the Ancient Celts

Quotes regarding Scots Clothing from period literature

Electric Scotland - International Scottish community site (tartans, too!)

Rialto Archive: Medieval Irish clothing.

Sharon Krossa: Scottish Women's Clothing

Sharon Krossa: Scottish Men's Clothing

Sharon Krossa's Pseudo-16th Century Leine Pattern

Sharon Krossa's Leine Pattern

Sharon Krossa: Medieval Scotland

Woman's Leine

The Saffron Shirt

The Shinrone Gown


Welcome to Scotland (Official)

Scottish Cooking - A Taste of Old Scotland

Glenmorangie Gateway

Scottish and Celtic Games Listings

Dual Citizenship FAQ

Scotland the movie (List of movies filmed in Scotland)

Celt.Net FTP List

Braveheart (UK)

The Glorious MacDude Home Page

Men in Kilts

Under The Kilt

Sheep graphics

Gwynt's Sheep Paradise

Unincorporated Society of Plastic Sheep

The Tribe of Woolgatherers (tm)

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Juggling Supplies

Brian Dube Inc., Juggling Equipment

RENEGADE Juggling Supplies

Todd Smith Juggling Products

Infinite Illusions Juggling Supplies

A. Harlequin Costume and Magic

CrystalStix Juggling SticksNew

Clubs and Assistance

A Drunken Juggler's Home Page

Los Angeles Juggling Club

Miguel's Juggling Corner

Jugglers Against Gravity

Juggling Information Service


Penn and Teller

Amazing Johnathan Cheap Thrill Page

Magic Castle Page by Infobahn Xpress

Welcome to the Magic Castle

Top Hat Toys

Coin Tricks

Denis The Magician's Magic Supplies

Off Jazz: Hat and Cane Tricks

Ace in the Hole Discount Magic

Carmen V's Discount Magic & Costumes

William D. Hunter's Wizard School

(Back to Top) SCA

SCA: Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

SCA - The Kingdom of Caid

The War Room

The Crescent and The Rose: People of Caid

Barony of Angels Home Page

Barony of Altavia!

Index of SCA songs

Estrella War

Pennsic War

Combat Archery: A Manual for Western Archers

(Back to Top) Thyngs of Intereste to Faire Folke

Brewer's Art
Thyngs Gothic


Chatalot: Rennies' Retreat

Yahoo! RenaissanceFun Chat areaNew

Yahoo! Finance - FAIR

East Coast Ren Rag

Dialect Accent Specialists, Inc.

Samuel French, Inc.: Dialect Tapes

Baker's Plays: Dialect Instruction Recordings

Here Be Dragons!New

Jimmy's Sea Otter Page

Otternet.com - Your Source for Otter Fun, Facts, and Faces homepage

T.I.G.E.R.S. Animal Actors

Castles of the World Tour packages

Castles of the United States

Hearst Castle (tm)


Body Art Supply - (henna mehndi tattoo supplies)

The Henna Page

The Electronic Neanderthal: Woodworking Resources

Regia Anglorum: Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Leatherwork

Materials for Making a Quill Pen

Quill pen instructions

Regia Anglorum: Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Manuscript Production: Quills

Sirinu - Court Jesters - Tudor Minstrel Music

Country Dance and Song Society - English Country Dance and Morris Dance resources

SCA Music/Dance Homepage

Del's Dance Book

Renaissance Dance Archive and Resources

Calendar of Historic Dance

Smoke and Fire News

Medieval Wedding Diary

Codpiece International Home Page

Old Sword-Play

Bookbinding by hand

The Green Man

The Green Man

The Green Man

The Works of Shakespeare

Database of essays on W.Shakespeare

Whitaker's Words (Latin Translation Program)

Latin Dictionary

Latin Language and Literature

Online English to Latin to English Dictionary

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

Latin Bob's Resources

Arval's Medieval Names Archives

An Onomastikon (Dictionary of Names)

The Cavemaster - Random Fantasy Name Generator

MacBain's Dictionary

Latin Language and Literature

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

Book-A-Minute - Classic Works of literature, ultra-condensed

The Patrin Web Journal - Romani (Gypsy) Culture and History

Life in the Middle Ages - A Medieval WebQuest

Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Fonts

Faerie Lore and Literature

Chapter 1: The Fairies


Fans of Honeyslide Homepage


Ted Garber: Warped Pub Musician

Tapping the Vein: Excellent gothic trance music

Mudcat Cafe Presents: The Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page

Index of SCA songs

The Black Book of Locksley - A Compendium of Lyrics, Stories, Jokes, Japes and Jests for Historical Re-Enactment Groups


Online Medieval and Classical Library

The Kitchen Musician's Hammered Dulcimer Site

Nicholas Lander's Crumhorn Home Page

Nicholas Lander's Recorder Home Page

Nyman Early music and medieval pictures page

Alenaa's Renaissance Festival BalladsNew

Brewer's Art - Ales, Wines, Meads & Liquors

The Joy of Home Winemaking

The Mead Maker's Page

Got Mead? - All the information you ever wanted about MeadNew

Mead (Honey wine) Mead has a history from before recorded time.

HoneyWine.com: dedicated to the education, awareness and appreciation of Mead

White Winter Winery - Iron River, WI, USA - Makers Of The Best Mead Wines!

Earle Estates Meadery

Golden Angels Cellars Handcrafted Mead

Home Brewing - Tavern Supply and Draft Beer Store

Wine and Liquor Depot - Got Single Malt?

A Classification of Pure Malt Scotch WhiskiesNew

Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage

All About Beer

The Real Beer Page

Beer Styles - Porter

New York City Beer Guide

A Samuel Adams Beer Education

The Samuel Adams Beer Dictionary

Newcastle Brown Ale

Bass Brewers

Dragon's Breathe Pale Ale


Arthur Guinness Son & Co., Ltd.

The Hopstore (Guinness Store)

Guinness Home Page

The Guide to Guinness

Nèckels Pub Guinness Page

Guinness Beer FAQt and Folklore

Guinness Beer and Health

The Virtual Guinness Community

Guinness!!!, IrishNYC's tribute to 'the Heavenly Nectar'

New York City Irish Pubs

Murphy's Bar Guide: Irish Bars

Griffin's Guinness Home Page

How to Pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness!

Guinness and the Mouse

Thyngs Gothic:

Sabretooth, Inc. Home Page (Custom made Vampyre fangs, contact lenses, vampire event promotion and magazine publishing)

Laughing Skull Productions - Fangs and CatsPaws

Dnash - Custom Made Vampire-Vampyre Fangs, Teeth, Claws, and Contact Lenses

Gothenticity Magazine

Making Fangs

Endless Night Vampyre's Ball

National Gothic Singles Network

Immortality In Velvet

Antimony & Lace ~ Gothic FashionNew

Gothic Arts Worldwide

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Riverside Dickens Festival

PEERS Home Page

PEERS Dickens Ball

Social Daunce Irregulars

Dickens on the Strand (Galveston Historical Foundation)

Miss Violet's Slightly Wicked Yuletide Romp &@.] Victorian Music-Hall Extravaganza

Ye Gaskells Occasional Dance SocietyUpdated

The Sons of AnacreonUpdated

The Soiled DovesNew

The Soiled Doves

The CourtesansNew

Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc. Home Page

J. Peterman

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens Gad's Hill Place

Dickens Costumes

The Dickens Page

Amazon Drygoods

Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living

Victorian Web Sites

Antiques by Reflections of the Past

Atelier Polonaise

Wings & Roses

Heritage Studio: the Art of D.J. Neary & 19th c. Costume

Wings and Roses, Custom Clothing

Costume Image Database

Rizzo's Reproduction Vintage Clothing Home Page

Victorian Events Calendar

The Victorian Fashion Pages

The Moderne Aviso, living history, publication, seventeenth century

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