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For those of you who are new to my site, this title might not make sense. Suffice it to say that that it amuses me, and possibly some of those who remember the early days of this area. In any event, after a two-year hiatus, it finally happened. I finally have made the changes necessary to put up all the Faire pictures I want, and have scanned the suckers and put them up. Basically, the reason for the delay is simple: I was out of room at my ISP. I only have 25 megs of hosting space for, and as of late 1998, I was full up. Those pictures take a lot of room! (well, the full-size versions, at least, but more on that in a minute) I now am hosting on my own dedicated server at home, sitting here right next to me, so I now have all the storage space I need. (and if the 11 GB of free space on the drive ever proves inadequate, I can go buy another drive. *g*) My upload speed isn't as fast as I'd like (not that anyone using a dialup connection will be able to tell), but it suffices for now. The smaller thumbnails are still hosted at, however, so the tables will load fast, it's just the larger images that won't snap into place quite as fast as those of us with broadband connections are accumstomed to. (I have a 144k/144k DSL line hosting the site on a Win2k server, for those of you who care about such things.)

Back to the pictures. I still have a good amount of detail work to do, including the fact that I would still someday like to provide captions and comments for each picture, at least the full-size versions (rather than clutter up the tables), but life has other priorities, so don't hold your breath. Meanwhile, however, you'll have to make do with my semi-descriptive filenames. At the moment, I'm more concerned about finding some missing rolls of film from RPFN, SLO, etc. As before, my apologies to those of you with antiquated computer systems that can't handle long filenames; these are going to be a pain if you try to save them locally. That being said, all of the photos you see here are protected under my copyright, so if you wish to use any of them in any way, you'll need to obtain my permission first. I'm far from unreasonable on that score, though. :-) Sadly, experience has necessited such language.

I have decided to continue to leave the old versions of the few random pictures I had up before, just because those ones had captions which folks who are new to Faire may enjoy. The rest of you can shoot right on over to the thumbnail albums, and dig into my archives. :-)

Faire Thee Well!

Old version of Faire Pix Page

Arizona Renaissance Festival, 1998-1999

Colorado Renaissance Festival, 1992, 1997 and 1998

New York Renaissance Festival, 1992-1994

Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California (RPFS), 1993-1996
Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California (RPFS), 1997
Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California (RPFS), 1998
Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California (RPFS), 1999
Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California (RPFS), 2000
Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California (RPFS), 2001New

Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Northern California (RPFN), 1996-2000

Santa Barbara (CA) Renaissance Festival, 1996-1997, 2000

Maryland Renaissance Festival

California Small Faires

Dickens Faire 2000

Narcissist that I am, here is a recent (2000) photo and a couple of relatively recent (1997) photos of yours truly, to whet your appetite.

For pictures, dammit! *thwap!*

Kalani in Jester garb
Kalani in Celtic garb Kalani in peasant garb

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