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Gravity ... more than just a good idea, it's the law.

The Why Not Players are a group of juggling instructors who teach at various Renaissance Faires all over Southern California. The Why Not Players are such skilled entertainers, they amuse themselves as much as patrons of the events they work at. After all, teaching juggling is a weighty subject, and what better way to lighten the load than with a good dollop of humor? As the Players themselves often say "Never trust a juggler who is serious." Actually, the phrase is usually shortened to "Never trust a juggler," but I'm sure you'll agree the proper sentiment is there.

The Why Not Players are the most hard-working, dedicated group of instructors you'll likely meet. This, of course, is much easier to say with a straight face through typed text. Actually it is true. These instructors have dedicated their lives (weekends) to teaching as many (few) people as they can (get away with) the joys of the art of juggling (until Faire's over). After hours, these dedicated professionals can be found striving to lighten the spirits of (steal the beer from) their fellow participants at Faire. They work (drink) even harder after the Faire has ended than they do during business hours (very true)!

Following is a group of pictures (mug shots) of these sterling (tin) characters at some local Faires. If you are truly sadomasochistic, checkout even more pictures of jugglers working (raising hell). Even if you should choose not to look at any of these pictures, remember: you can always spot a juggler in a crowd. They're the ones playing with their balls.

WARNING: HEAVY GRAPHICS FOLLOW (wimpy modems need not apply):

This photo was taken towards the end of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California ("RPFS"):

Jugglers at Southern

This photo was taken at the Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire in 1996:

Why Not Players do Santa Barbara Ren Faire

Next, we have the same group of characters (criminals) at the Crossroad Renaissance Festival of Orange in 1996:

Why Not Players do Crossroads: Orange

Finally, the most recent group was shot (with a camera, unfortunately) at the Crossroad Renaissance Festival of Palm Springs in 1997:

Why Not Players do Crossroads: Palm Springs

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