Generic directions follow to cover the largest number majority of folks as possible:

The address for the party is:

17609 Rhoda Street
Encino, CA 91316

My phone number is (818) 342-8899 if you have any problems. Feel free to RSVP with it (leave your name!!!), but email RSVPs are preferred. :-) Include your real name, or at least a description of how I know you, with your email! Sometimes it's tough to figure out who you are from "John123". *g*

Here is the URL to the Yahoo! Maps page that has our address flagged:

Yahoo! Maps Map to Kalani'sHouse

Most folks can get turn-by-turn directions just by clicking the appropriate button on that page. We're close to the freeway, so our end of the directions are pretty simple... and the 101 Fwy is not tough for most folks of average+ intelligence to find. *g*

If you need directions from me, tho, here goes:

**From up North of L.A.:**
Get to the 5 South however you usually get to it. I'm sure you can handle that end on your own. Take the 5 South all the way to the 405 South (towards Santa Monica). Take 405 South roughly 10 miles (?) to the 101 West (or North, I forget which it is right there), which is towards Ventura. Now skip down and see the Finishing Directions below.

**From South of L.A.:**
Get to the San Fernando Valley, at intersection of the 405 and the 101 however you want. If you can't figure out how to take the 5 North to the 134 West to the 101 West or 405 North to the 101 West, you don't deserve to come party with us. *eg* (Trust me, though, if you're coming up the 5, you want to skip the 101 through downtown and go all the way to 134 West over to the 101) Take the 101 West (aka North on some signs) to White Oak, and see the Finishing Directions below.

**From the general vicinity of RPFS and farther East:**
I live pretty much due West, so trust me on all this. Take the 10 West to the 210 West to the 134 West to the 101 West. Sounds complicated, but it's not. (and note: you do NOT want to take the 10 West to 5 North to 101 North- Call me and I'll tell you why if you don't believe me.) See the Finishing Directions below.

**From Ventura and other locations North West up the 101**
Take the 101 South to the 101 East. No I don't where exactly it gets mixed up about it's general heading, but if you've been to L.A. in you life, you should know it changes directions in the Valley. Exit White Oak. Turn left. Continue past the first light (Burbank). It should be easy to pickup on the Finishing Directions below at this point.

***Finishing Directions:***
Take the 101 West a couple miles *past* the 405 to White Oak Bl. Exit at White Oak and make a right. Continue past the first light (Burbank) to the second little street, which is just before the next light, called Rhoda Street. Make a right onto Rhoda street. We're about 6 or 7 houses down on the left, at 17609 Rhoda.

See you there!