Kalani's Fifth Annual
Post-Faire Bash /
Lingerie and Toga Party!!!

Saturday, July 8
4:00 pm until whenever.... (August?)
At my house in Encino.
(That's the LA area for those of you up north. Yes, it's a long drive. Yes, it's worth it, or so I've been told. *g* Directions below...)

That's right! The party that just won't die has come back for yet another year of havoc and debauchery, and I even kept it in the same location to avoid confusion!

Info What You Should Know:

The party theme IS Toga and/or Lingerie. No, you won't be turned away without one and/or the other. But I may pout. You have been warned. For the shy folks among us, let me remind you that a silk robe definitely counts as lingerie, and hides more than your average cocktail dress. Latex and fishnet garters just win extra points. *leer* Birthday suits are ok, too, I suppose, if that's your inclination. ;-)

You may have noticed that my themes have switched around a bit. Well, as much as I liked having the lingerie/toga party in the Fall, last year Mother Nature taught me that lingerie + cold weather = covered up lingerie. Obviously, a sad state of affairs. So I've swtched the themes so people can wear less and still be warm! *yay!*

Drinks Situation: Many of you were at my New Years Party, and know how well that worked out. Since it worked so well, I'm going to cross my fingers and bring the theme over to this party. Basically, I'm requesting a $5 *donation* at the door... if $5 is really such a big deal to you, we'll still let you in... I'd rather have you here than stay home over 5 lousy bucks. These events ain't cheap, tho. If you want to drink house booze, I'm requesting a $10 donation instead of the $5. I'm not trying to make aprofit here, just cover my costs. If I end up making a profit, I'll be plowing it into next year's party, or something along those lines, I guarantee it.

It's well worth the money, as I'll have a keg of Guinness and a keg of Wyders Pear Cider. If people blow me away with responses and promise to kick in, I might consider getting a third keg, so feel free to send in your vote with the RSVP.

In addition to the kegs, we'll have a bar with all the well drinks you can handle, plus some not-overly expensive champagne and wine.

BYO crap beer, or really good liquor, or contact me if you have any ideas in that regards.

I'll also provide plenty of 2 liter bottles of soda, and all the tap water you can drink. *g*

Food situation: Bring some. Please? It's a long party, and y'all need to keep your strength up. ;-) If everyone brings a little something, we'll all be happy. We have a good-sized BBQ (thanks, mom!) if anyone wants to cook up something tasty, but let me know if you want to use the kitchen so it's not oversold. The party starts at 4:00, so there's plenty of time to cook. I will be providing various munchies and snacks, way more than last year, since I have a budget, but I still can't afford to feed the whole party... most of the budget is going to liquid refreshments. *eg*

Bring your towel! I finally got the jacuzzi fixed, so the water is clean and sparkling and begging for bodies. (Swimsuits optional as always)

I promise we'll get a game the traditional game of strip twister going this time, like the last few years. Participation is, as always, optional. It's a big party. There are other things to do. Like body art with highlighters. (Yes, for those that made it to the first one of these, at my old house, the black lights will be back!)

In case you're still not convinced
you absolutely MUST come, we are
proud (?) to again have the
Sons of Anacreon
perform their usual blend of bawdy
songs... these guys are the best!
See for more details about the group. (I can promise that most of them will be at least partially dressed.) ;-)

As always, all guests are welcome to crash on whatever horizontal surface we have available, no DUI's, please! If necessary, we can set up tents in the back yard, but I'd appreciate it if you brought your own sleeping bag if you're planning on staying, so house blankets are available to any who didn't plan ahead.


Guests are welcome ONLY if you
(a) let me know (RSVP, dammit!) and
(b) can vouch for their behaviour!

I need to hear from everyone who gets this (1) that you're coming, (2) who the hell you are, in case I don't recognize your email address, (3) who you are bringing, and (4) what you are bringing in the way of food so I don't get 50 pot roasts. If you can't make it, please, drop me a line so I can cross you off the list. At some point I'm gonna start telling people they can't bring friends, because I'm holding space open for *my* friends who haven't gotten back to me yet. This is NOT an "open" party. (open minds, yes, open invitation, no.) And there IS a guest list.

For those of you who can't join us, at least three Webcams will be live, and located here:
PartyCam!. If I have time, I'll see if I can throw together a chat feature, but we'll see what happens.

More info to follow as (a) it becomes available and (b) I have time.

E-Mail with questions, or see below for directions (if they're not up yet, wait until we get closer to the party date):

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