Welcome to Kalani's
Third Annual
Post-Faire Bash!!!

Saturday, July 11
4:00 pm until whenever....

That's right!  The party you all know and love
is back new and improved in its new location!

As before, all guests are welcome to crash on whatever
horizontal surface we have available, no DUI's, please!
Also as before, (most) guests will be summarily kicked out noon Monday!

Bring your towel!  The new pad sports a pool and a jacuzzi! (Suits are up to you)

Soda, chips and snacks will be provided, other than that, you're on your own!
If there is enough interest and firm financial commitment, we may get a keg or two.

We will be firing up the R2-BBQ if anyone wants to cook
up something tasty. The reason the party has been moved up from its
prior time slot is to give us more time for pool and BBQ! Yay!

Faire warning: There will be a game of strip twister at some point.  :-)

Mail me for directions and RSVP numbers: kalani@kalani.net


Guests are welcome as long as you
(a) let me know (RSVP, dammit!) and
(b) can vouch for their behaviour!

More info to follow as (a) it becomes available and (b) I have time!