Kalani's Fourth Annual
Post-Faire Bash!!!

Saturday, July 10
4:00 pm until whenever.... (July?)

Can't Make it?

Watch the party on the PartyCam!

The party is on schedule, and based on those who requested, I have a keg of Guinness on tap and a keg of Wyder's Pear Cider on tap. I don't want it to go dry too fast, though, so if you want in, you'd better contact me *real soon*. I'm capping the list at around 30 takers. Don't forget to bring your food contributions, and come ready to have a good time!

That's right! The party that just won't die has come back for another year of havoc and debauchery in a brand new location! (One of these years maybe I'll have it in the same location more than one year in a row...)

Bring your towel! I just laid out major cash to buy a jacuzzi for the new house, since we've moved from last year's location and gave up the pool and spa, so I want to make sure the damn thing gets used! (Swimsuits optional as always)

- and -
ĘComo se dice PotLuck?

Bring enough food for at least 5 other people. (And I'm gonna be pissed if everyone brings soda and chips and there's no real food!) We have a kick-ass BBQ (thanks, mom!) if anyone wants to cook up something tasty.

The party starts at 4:00, so there's plenty of time to cook. This year, I'll provide some soda and munchies, but I can't afford to feed the whole party. If there is enough interest and firm financial commitment, we may get a keg of good beer (Mmm... Guinness...) Else my bar is closed this year.

This year we are proud (?) to have the

perform their usual blend of bawdy songs... these guys are great! See for more details about the group.

Faire warning: The traditional game of strip twister will occur at an unspecified time this year. *eg*

Sadly, this will not be a toga and lingerie this time, as much fun as the last one was (at my end of faire season party). I'll prolly make that an annual event for the fall party, tho.

As before, all guests are welcome to crash on whatever horizontal surface we have available, no DUI's, please! If necessary, we can set up tents in the back yard, but I'd appreciate it if you brought your own sleeping bag if you're planning on staying, so house blankets are available to any who didn't plan ahead.

As in years past, guests will be summarily kicked out noon Monday!

E-Mail with questions, or see below for directions (if they're not up yet, wait until we get closer to the party date):


Guests are welcome as long as you
(a) let me know (RSVP, dammit!) and
(b) can vouch for their behaviour!

More info to follow as (a) it becomes available and (b) I have time!

Continue to check here for updates...