(If you're reading this, I haven't updated the page yet. There's nothing here but what's already in the email you probably already have read, but, in any event:

Kalani's Second Annual
Post-Faire Season Party!!!


Check out Pictures from the party's WebCams here!

No time for a major update. Directions are at the bottom of this page. See you here!

For those of you who can't join us, the Webcam is live, and located here: PartyCam!. I threw in a last-minute chat feature that I haven't had time to test yet, so good luck, and we'll see! Send me an email if something's not working right, and I'll do my best to fix it.

Original Party Info follows

There. Wasn't that a nice, restrained subject line?

Good thing the party won't be that way. *eg*

This is just a warm up, because I haven't gotten off my behind and written up the usual schpiel (sp?) on what to expect, because, frankly, I don't know yet. But now at least you can mark your calendars, those of you who I have not yet told in person. Addresses have, of course, been suppressed to protect the guilty. You know who you are.

The Second Annual Post-Faire Season Bash is going to be on Saturday, November 20. Yes, Virginia, that's the weekend *before* Thanksgiving, so I'm sure I'll lose a couple to out of town trips, but I figure most folks will still be around, as the long holiday is the *following* weekend.

But Kearney Park ends the previous weekend, so, as usual, my party follows that Last Faire of the Season.

People might wonder: "Gee, Kalani, why TWO big parties in one year?"

I might reply: "Well, some people can't make the first one for whatever reason, and don't want to wait another year for the next one!"

Plus, it gives me time to recover from the last one. *g*

Anyway, here are the sketchy details:

Party type: Toga and/or Lingerie. No, you won't be turned away without one and/or the other. But I may pout. You have been warned. For the shy folks among us, let me remind you that a silk robe definitely counts as lingerie, and hides more than your average cocktail dress. Latex and fishnet garters just win extra points. *leer*

Date: November 20, 1999
Time: 3:00?
Place: My house in Encino. (That's the LA area for those of you up north. Yes, it's a long drive. Yes, it's worth it, or so I've been told. *g*)

What to Bring:

1) Food. I'm talking main dishes here, although I suppose *some* people should bring munchies and side dishes. Food was *great* last time, though, and everyone was happy, so let's continue this good thing. The monster barbeque will be going the whole time, so feel free to bring stuff to toss on, but please let me know if you need kitchen space (this includes the fridge!) so 80 people don't show up with pot roasts that need to be cooked in our standard-size stove.

2) Towel. Suits are optional. The hot tub will be sparkling clean, and the *beginning* temp should be 106 degrees, so it'll be nice and hot all night. As long as we don't try to prove again that it really can hold 17 people in an emergency. It's been done, folks. ;-)

3) Drinks. Since last time actually worked out well, I didn't end up $100 short, I'll probably get a couple kegs again, assuming people commit to handing me cash to their share. The kegs were sold out last time before the party even started, so if you're serious, email me. We had a keg of Wyders Pear Cider (yum!) and a keg of Guinness. BYO crap beer, or pitch in. I'll also provide 2 liter bottles of soda, and all the tap water you can drink. *g*

4) Blankets or sleeping bags of some sort if you intend to drink and don't have a sober driver. I don't like it when friends are hurt or hurt others. We have tents and lots of floor space.

What not to bring:

Guests. Well, no, guests are ok, but *only* if you confirm with me first. I'm serious.

What I need:

I need to hear from everyone who gets this (1) that you're coming, (2) who the hell you are, in case I don't recognize your email address, (3) who you are bringing, and (4) what you are bringing in the way of food so I don't get 50 pot roasts. If you can't make it, please, drop me a line so I can cross you off the list. At some point I'm gonna start telling people they can't bring friends, because I'm holding space open for *my* friends who haven't gotten back to me yet. This is NOT an "open" party. (open minds, yes, open invitation, no.) And there IS a guest list.

What to expect:

I promise we'll get a game the traditional game of strip twister going this time, like the last few years. Participation is, as always, optional. It's a big party. There are other things to do. Like body art with highlighters. (Yes, for those that made it to the first one of these, at my old house, the black lights will be back!)

What else to expect:

Good times. Good folks.

It's a party, folks. I have a reputation (watch it, now!) for throwing some seriously fun events. This should be no exception.

More details to follow when I get around to it. Meanwhile, check the website.


And update will be coming soon. Keep checking there for additional details.

If you're interested in reading up on my last couple of Post-Faire bashes (separate from the Post-Faire SEASON bashes, which will henceforth always be toga & lingerie parties)

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