Kalani's Sixth Annual
Post-Faire Bash /
Toga and Lingerie Party!!!

Saturday, July 7
4:00 pm until whenever....
At my house in Encino.
(That's the LA area for those of you up north. Yes, it's a long drive. Yes, it's worth it, or so I've been told. *g* Directions below...)

The neighbors are invited, so let's raise this thing to new levels of havoc and debauchery!

Things to prepare for:
Jacuzzi. Need I say more? (Swimsuits optional as always, but bring a towel!)
Strip Twister. Random mind-warping movies.
Dare we get out the kiddie pool for more oil wrestling? We'll see!
Surprise musical guests will occur, so be prepared for anything.

PotLuck, baby, yeah!

Bring enough food for at least a few other people. (And I'm gonna be pissed if everyone brings soda and chips and there's no real food!) We have a big ol' BBQ if anyone wants to cook up something tasty.

The party starts at 4:00, so there's plenty of time to cook. As usual, I'll provide soda and munchies, but I can't afford to feed the whole party... my car just died and I had to borrow money for the down payment, so I'm not in the best financial shape right now.

I'll be getting my usual kegs of Guinness and Wyder's Pear Cider ... but as I did last year, I'll be asking a $5 donation at the door to help defray general party costs, or $10 for anyone who wants to drink from the house bar and kegs. Last year I came up $400 short of my out-of-pocket costs, so quityerbitchin'. If it's that big of a problem, however, I'd rather have you show up than insist on collecting your lousy $5, so if things are really tight, come anyway!

As always, before, all guests are welcome to crash on whatever horizontal surface we have available... no DUI's! As in years past, guests will be summarily kicked out noon Monday!

Also, since my 30th birthday hit in the middle of Faire this year, I'll be celebrating that as well. Presents appreciated but not required... feel free to contribute to the bar instead, if you wish, or simply give me the gift of your presence ! :-)

Guests are welcome only if you (a) let me know (RSVP, dammit!) and (b) vouch for their behaviour. Please, no more than one guest per invite this year without checking with me. Oh, and this probably goes without saying... but no minors. :-P

I need to hear from everyone who gets this (1) that you're coming, (2) who the hell you are, in case I don't recognize your email address, (3) who you are bringing, and (4) what you are bringing in the way of food so I don't get 50 pot roasts. If you can't make it, please, drop me a line so I can cross you off the list. At some point I'm gonna start telling people they can't bring friends, because I'm holding space open for *my* friends who haven't gotten back to me yet. This is NOT an "open" party. (open minds, yes, open invitation, no.) And there IS a guest list.

For those of you who can't join us, at least three Webcams should be live. Check back on this page closer to the party for links.

More info to follow as (a) it becomes available and (b) I have time.

E-Mail me with any questions:

Directions are here.

If you're interested in reading up on my last couple of Post-Faire bashes and Post-Faire SEASON bashes: (Fifth Annual Post-Faire Bash) (Fourth Annual Post-Faire Bash) (Third Annual Post-Faire Bash) (Third Annual Post-Faire Season Party) (Second Annual Post-Faire Season Party)

Argh. I can't think of anything else. If I do, I'll send out another mailing. You might want to continue to check this website from time to time for updates, too.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!